ExFatloss TEE & Macro Calculator

This calculator takes your Fat Free Mass and shows the expected Total Energy Expenditure as measured by Doubly Labeled Water in thousands of people around the world.

DLW is the gold standard method, and the calculator uses the average derived from the data & lets you adjust your metabolic rate higher or lower to give you an idea of what your expected TEE would be.

ExFatloss Omega Tracker

This handy tool allows you to compare your OmegaQuant linoleic acid result to that of users of r/SaturatedFat, against some studies from various decades and countries, and just generally visualize it over time.

If you’re unsure what use this is, I’ve previously written about the OmegaQuant test.

ExFatloss Foodulator

Tired of calculating BCAAs, EAAs, linoleic acid content, or PUFA% of foods yourself?

This tool does it for you, for all food entries in the USDA’s FDC database. That’s the same database most nutrition websites get their data from as it’s publicly available.

The little badges in the search results show you how many data points for amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, or vitamins a food entry has. No more clicking through 5 foods of the same type to find the one with amino acid profile!

When you click into a food entry, you’ll see calculated values on top. These are values of interest to anybody who’s into fatty acid profiles, amino acid profiles, or similar. All the original USDA-FDC data is below.

You can change the “grams” field and all values will update automatically.